R&D Services

Consultation in industry, PLC based automation

NOVOTEK delivers solutions / applications in the field of automation of manufacturing and production processes. We also provide consulting services and optimization of manufacturing processes. Our references are successfully implemented systems in various industries with focus on:

• metal industry, metal processing
• food industry
• plastic industry, injection molding, extrusion

Applications, development of software products

NOVOTEK’S development team is able to take the full responsibility for the development of applications and products, as well as to provide assistance while exploitation.
Depending on the application, NOVOTEK can realize a product by the full specification of a client or, based on client’s idea, create the architecture of a system at the highest level, and further perform the implementation and exploitation successfully.
Depending on customer needs, NOVOTEK can realize certain parts of applications and integrate them into already existing ones.

NOVOTEK focuses application development on the following products:
• developing UI applications based on OpenGL technology
• NET (Mono) web and desktop applications
• Android (Phone and Tablet) applications

Embedded system development

If you have a need to develop embedded systems, Novotek team has experience in designing HW and SW. Our experience is based on a wide range of custom applications, microcontrollers and operating systems. We also have experience in porting referent applications to embedded custom HW, and code optimization.

1. series 8051
2. AVR
3. ARM

Embedded services:
2. Bluetooth
3. Zig Bee
4. WiFi

Operating systems:
1. Linux
2. Android
3. WindowsCE/Windows Mobile
4. Custom Oss

Computer languages:
1. Asembler
2. C
3. C ++
4. Java

Gaming machines development

Our team has experience in designing gaming machines. We can help you find the most adequate solutions for your preliminary design, develop custom HW, SW and a monitoring system; or we can make a prototype of the mechanical parts and constructions. Moreover, you can trust us when establishing the assembly process because hundreds of gaming machines have been produced under our supervision, both in Serbia and Europe.

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