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IT consulting for your business needs

Improve your business structure and stay innovative with the latest technology

Novotek is a company which has extensive experience in the IT field. We offer you hardware and software solutions for your company, in order to improve your business needs, to reduce costs, increase security and greater efficiency – we are at your service!

We can offer you:
a plan for development of information system, evaluation and selection of the required hardware, system and software development, detailed planning and implementation of the planned solutions. We can adjust every request to your business needs, reduce costs by providing equipment and avoiding implementation of badly planned and projected information system.


stay fast, be secure and more reliable

- Network architecture
We provide the network architecture and design solutions, network topology projecting, designing and implementation of high-quality networks that support your business needs. The entire work process is accompanied by adequate documentation, logical topology and physical topology design.

- Network implementation
We can implement optimal network solutions depending on your business structure and needs, based on the latest technology and high-quality equipment.This includes solution design, configuration, installation, upgrading, supporting and maintenance for both new and existing networks.

- As a new feature, we provide the network technical support –
a possibility to make different service contracts for network maintenance in companies, based on “support packages” ( for example: every working day from 9a.m. till 4p.m., every working day + weekend, every day full time) with the additional monthly fee.

- Professional network consulting
The main point is to improve your business network infrastructure, by reducing costs and investment, while at the same time ensuring security and data integrity. We can also implement security protection depending on your needs or point out to the level of protection and weaknesses of your system.

-Network security analysis
Ensuring right level of network security

-Network risk assessment testing
We can do network and web risk assessment tests in order to discover and point out to all the problematic parts of your system. Furthermore, we provide detailed test report with all our proposals and solutions for your problems.

Cloud computing solutions

Move your business to the cloud
Novotek company offers to our clients cloud computing solutions for their business needs, consultation when leasing a server, choosing a host company as well as complete implementation and administration of your cloud solution.

Cloud based solutions for remote servers and virtualizations platforms.

We offer you cloud computing planning, design, configuration and administration.

We will ensure you the best quality of service, complete administration and implementation focused on your business needs.

System and Server Administration / IT support

We are here to help

We offer you system administration (Windows/Linux), server administration based on Win/Linux OS, implementation and administration of your Web/FTP/MySQL/Postgresql/VPN/SSH/ as well as many other servers. We are here to meet all your demands and needs!

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