NOVOTEK can provide professional product design and development services according to your specifications and requirements, transforming your ideas into products. Our development team has considerable experience in software and hardware development from PC-s, mobile and embedded devices to distributed software systems in multi-platform environments, as well as industry based automation and gaming machine development. From ideas, consultations and planning to post maintenance and support, we provide our customers with services and support throughout all steps of product development lifecycle.

Novotek Outsourcing
Embedded design and development services

NOVOTEK offers services in all areas related to design and development of embedded products. Our experience in both hardware and software components of an embedded system is based on a wide range of designed and manufactured microcontrollers, with applications written for Linux, Android, Windows-CE and custom RTOS operating systems. We also offer services of porting source code to custom embedded hardware platforms, as well as doing application memory and performance code optimization.
Areas of expertise:
1. Design, manufacture and verification of microcontroller devices
2. Porting of Linux, Android and custom real-time operating systems to custom hardware
3. Design, development and testing of software components for target embedded systems, including:
- modern UIs for embedded devices in OpenGL ES or other platform supported drawing libraries
- multimedia streaming, processing and presentation software components for various purposes: A/V broadcast and broadband, closed captions, advertising, etc.
- wireless electronic guide, pamphlet, advertisement systems, for fast information forwarding to your customers

Mobile Android applications

NOVOTEK development team has years of experience with Android SDK, OpenGL, Android Media APIs, Location based Service APIs, Wi-Fi APIs and other technologies required to produce best in class android apps for all types of android devices (Smartphone or Tablet).

Distributed systems

NOVOTEK also has experience with the design and development of modern multilayer and multi-platform distributed systems. The emphasis in the systems we have designed and developed in the past was their highly optimized resource and performance management, scalability, consistency and security.
Also at NOVOTEK we provide services of porting custom application code to the selected cloud infrastructure.
For even further list of our technical expertise and services that can be provided for our clients please visit our R&D section.

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