Home Automation

What is Home Automation?

Home Automation is a computer system which automates a number of electronic units, systems and activities which take place in a house.

Using advanced hardware and software technology Novotek gives you an opportunity to perform all the necessary actions automatically and with the help of a computer, SmartPhone, Tablet, etc. Automated homes, which are sometimes called smart homes, may include systems that plan and schedule automated operations such as heating and air conditioning (HVAC), lighting or even managing household appliances.

Home Automation system enables you to control remotely all the vital functions of a house from anywhere in the world, using internet technology. In addition to these functions, Home Automation has a significant role in reducing consumption of electricity and heating energy, and at the same time, increasing the safety of electrical devices and the house in general.

In this area Novotek is engaged in:
1. producing devices ( Smart Appliances) for wireless control of household appliances – smart outlets for adjustment of heat or battery / wireless measuring of moisture, temperature, etc.
2. designing U/I (for Smart phones and Tablets) for managing household appliances – software for controlling devices as well as for defining and starting the scenarios

Novotek Home Automation

Novotek produces Smart Appliances devices for home automation. Our products are mainly based on wireless ZigBee communication. Examples of products we use are Dimers for light.

Our devices can be connected to various electrical appliances (for example with our smart-outlets you can connect a water heater, a stove, a washing machine, etc) and you can easily manage them.

Devices for temperature adjustment (partially HVAC) in residential buildings make special section of our work. They consist of a central server, distributed temperature/presence timers and distributed control modules on medium heat collectors. This system increases the accuracy of the set/actual temperatures in premises while simultaneously saving electricall/gas energy. The software can start many different scenarios:

Scenario 1 - coming home: set temperature in living rooms to 21 degrees, in sleeping rooms to 17 degrees, rest of the rooms to 18 degrees.

Scenario 2 - sleeping time: set temperature in living rooms to 18 degrees, in sleeping rooms to 19 degrees, bathroom 18 degrees, rest of the rooms to 16 degree.

Novotek Hardware

The system is as accurate and efficient when used with both gas boilers with single and multi-level control of the gas consumption (three-way valve). Diversion of heat is done constantly in the rooms where it is necessary, and if the temperature is achieved in all the rooms the boiler is placed in standby mode (depending on boiler technology). Our products can be expended with some additional functions such as Bluetooth, WiFi and Touch controller in case the system does not use smart phone/tablet.

Our control unit is based on a custom U/I graphic system that is intuitive for users and rich with graphical objects that are (made) created for each user and purpose in particular.

If you have some special needs (for example- “the scheme-looks” of your house) Novotek will realize custom graphics support. Novotek’s graphic system fits into latest standards for both phone and tablet program versions.


All in one user friendly Interface control ( lighting, thermostat, multi room controlling, audio home theatre controlling, security and video cameras,.. etc) all from a Smart Phone / Tablet, via the internet or Wirelessly.

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