Bluetooth Marketing

BlueTooth Proximity marketing system

Marketing and Advertising system

Bluetooth Marketing is changing the face of advertising.

This technology has the advantage that it is permission-based.

Bluetooth marketing and Advertising is a method of Mobile marketing that utilizes Bluetooth technology to deliver content such as message, information or advertisement to mobile devices such as Cellular phones or Tablet computer. Bluetooth Advertising/Marketing can also be received via laptop or PDA. Bluetooth Advertising is permission based advertising, which means that when a mobile device has received a Bluetooth message, the recipient has the choice to either accept or decline the message. The recipient needs to positively indicate that they wish to receive marketing messages, no spamming is allowed.

BlueTooth Marketing Device

New custom hardware based on micro-controller which supports Linux OS has been designed and implemented. It is intended for Bluetooth marketing system. In addition, the basic configuration offers the following options: Color Touch display, WiFi Ethernet, Zigbee dongle, and additional USB peripherals for extension of functionality. This device is powered with 5 – 36VDC external power supply .

Novotek Hardware

How the system functions?
After mounting the device to an existing advertising panel, 3 Simple Steps are followed.

- Device detection
System detects devices that have Bluetooth on within 20 to 50 m.

- Request for accepting the message
After detection of a device the system sends a request for the delivery of a message/ an advertisement/ a notification/ an information. The user gets the request and chooses whether to accept the advertisement or not.(For example “Do you want to accept the message- Arrangement of stands at the agricultural fair?’)

- Sending the content
After the system gets the permission from the user’s device it automatically sends a message with a predetermined content. The content, supported formats that is sent can be text, PDF file, IMG, Flash Video, and many others depending on the type of marketing/advertising and client’s requests.

- The system can at the same time communicate with a large number of user devices, depending on client needs.
- Automatic system administration disables sending the same message over and over again to the same user (unless the advertiser wants that).
- Marketing content is administered through Web UI (content-management system)- specifically developed for Novotek BT system, which enables clients fast and simple system administration as well as editing of content which is sent. Simple user friendly Web interface supports remote administration.
- The system enables generation of reports which are designed for the client and available through the web interface. The reports show the statistics of the user’s downloaded content, detection of available devices, type of device by the content sent and similar.

Main Features and Benefits:
1. You can use it to advertise your business and inform 24/7 all year long
2. Publish advertisements and promotions material in a range of up to 100m
3. Publish advertisements simultaneously for more devices/per server device.
4. Requires permission from the device before sending advertisements. No spamming is allowed!
5. Create multiple advertising campaigns, from one single system.
6. Can send different types of advertisements including:
- Text
- Still Images
- Animated images
- Audio Files
- Video Clips
- Business Cards
- Calendar Events
- Java Applications and Games

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