Novotek Story

NOVOTEK is a dynamic Research and Development company specializing in Software and Hardware development. The main goal of our company is to use the latest modern technology and keep up with the demanding fast changing market.

Our area of expertise includes cutting-edge 3D Open GL UI for android-like embedded systems, UI for digital television, HW development of microcontroller linux embedded systems and software development for mobile and desktop platforms. The R&D team of our company provides solutions by listening and fulfiling every customer's needs.

Besides, all the leading members of Novotek are qualified and skilled professionals with international experience (UK, USA, France). In other words, our team is dedicated to provide the highest quality service to our customers and complete the most demanding projects in a timely manner.

About Novotek

NOVOTEK is a company which provides services relating to design, development and production of software and electronic systems, and is based in Novi Sad, Serbia.

Our customers can get expert services from the requirement analysis to the prototype development, introduction and implementation of new systems and technologies, as well as optimization and upgrading of the existing ones. The services can be based on the principle of complete solutions to the implementation of some parts and its integration into existing systems.

NOVOTEK’S professional and flexible team can respond to the most demanding requirements of customers while at the same time respecting the optimal use of available resources - time and money.

Our specialty is embedded systems, systems based on microcontrollers, sensors, actuators, application development for embedded devices, and also UI development solutions for embedded systems based on OpenGL ES technology.

The success is based on experience and capability to meet the most complex customer requirements, solving problems from a hardware and software engineering.

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